Knowledge and experience

DiterOy was founded in 1976 in Turku, Finland. From the outset, the company has focused on combining modern technology with traditional physiotherapy modalities, and development work has resulted in a number of successful generations of electro-medical equipment for use in the fields of physiotherapy and sports medicine. A staff of qualified and dedicated employees guarantee that all customer needs are carefully and promptly fulfilled.

Other fields of activities of the company include design and manufacturing of equipment for sports training, and sports injuries preventive training equipment, muscle strength measuring and training systems (isokinetic systems), as well as equipment for beauty treatment. In addition to our own development and manufacturing work we design electronics and mechanics as a subcontractor to other companies. We have also been actively involved in several projects for developing custom-engineered medical devices.

High quality medical products

Diter physiotherapy equipment is a concept that combines safety, ergonomics, and eye-pleasing design in a unique fashion. The equipment manufactured by us is famous for its high quality and durability. In all our development and manufacturing work we aim at innovative solutions with refined electronics and sophisticated design.

To ensure the quality of each and one manufactured unit several testing phases are included in the manufacturing process. The testing of the units is done extremely carefully and with great precision. In carrying out these inspections, our testing department make use of the best available technical apparatus and precision equipment. All testing equipment are traceable to international standards. This guarantees the high quality level of the products.

For the benefit of the patient

Diter is devoted to designing and manufacturing equipment to fulfil the therapy needs of today and tomorrow. We see that the more easy, safe and effective the therapy situation is for both the patient and the therapist the better are the results of the treatment. We want to help the therapist to help reduce the patient’s disability and pain and to improve the overall function and quality of his or her life.