Dcom 900 – Isokinetic muscle strength testing and rehabilitation system

Isokinetic muscle strength testing and rehabilitation system with five functions for exercising, rehabilitation,
measuring, and evaluation of muscle strength and physical capacity.

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Diter Dcom900

Dcom 900 has variable ways to measure and practise different muscle groups

D  com 900 can be used to rehabilitation, training and to correct different muscle imbalances.

The device is designed for measuring and training for example the life- support patients, musculoskeletal
patients and neurological patients.

The device can be used for individual guidance and as part of the exercise at the gym.

Passive operation mode can be used, for example formaintain a non-functioning muscle groups range of the

D com 900 has five different functions

·    isokinetic
·    isotonic
·    isometric
·    passive
·    accelerating speed – variable load

All the functions are suitable for

- Assessment of the physical capacity
- Assessment of muscle strength
- training
- rehabilitation
- measurement


·    Isokinetic torque                         650 Nm
·    Angular velocity                          600 º/s
·    Maximum power of drive/brake    3 kW

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