Diter Oy was started after the promising running career of our present Chairman of the Board, Mr. Reima Karsikas, ended to a serious knee injury in 1973.
Falling down in full running speed caused total peroneus paresis. In order to maintain the ability to walk and to stimulate the paralysed muscle group Reima Karsikas developed a stimulation device and rehabilitated himself to the surprise of the doctors.

Diter´s first product was indeed a device for diagnosing and treatment of peripheral paresis. This device was launched in 1977. During the past more than twenty years Diter has designed and manufactured more than 30 different therapy equipment.
In 1988 Diter was awarded with the Idea Of The Year Award by the Chamber of Commerce for developing the first ultrasound treatment head which functions at three different frequencies.

Diter equipment is known for durability and quality, in proof of this most of the equipment ever manufactured are still in active use in therapy clinics and hospitals all around the world.

Entrepreneur of the Year
In 1989, Diter Oy was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award for a meritorious and productive effort.

In 2006, Reima Karsikas received the Freya Prize for Beauty Professionals from her life work for the industry.




Finland’s Strongest Certificate
Diter Oy has achieved the Rating Alpha rating granted by Suomen Asiakastieto.

Entrepreneur’s Golden Cross 2016
Recognition of over 40 years of entrepreneurial career to Reima and Tuula Karsikas.



Made In Finland

Newspaper articles
Several magazines have written about Diter Oy and Reima Karsikas over the years.
Here’s the latest article from Kaarina’s local newspaper.

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