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Equipment for Your Well-being

Diter Oy was founded in 1976 in Turku, FINLAND.
The company is privately owned by family Karsikas and the name DITER comes from Finnish words for diagnostics and therapy (DIagnostiikka and TERapia).

The company is the only manufacturer in Finland for dermatology and physiotherapy equipment which includes the D·com 900 isokinetic equipment, used extensively for analysis, assessment and evaluation of musculoskeletal performance in rehabilitation clinics.
Diter Oy is also manufacturing physiotherapy equipment for animal care.

Our product range consist of different models for

- Ultrasound
- Cavitation
- Radiofrequency
- Soft laser
- Electrotherapy
- Electrolymfa
- Vacuum
- Diamond peel
- Magnetic Therapy
- etc.

Also our product range covers equipment for

- TNS and EMS equipment for home use
- Animal Physiotherapy Equipment
- Equipment Maintenance / Service
- Education and Training
- Replacement parts and accessories